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TAG Heuer’s SLR and Carrera

Tag Heuer has been well associated with the high speed sport. The latest models of sports watches by Tag Heuer are tribute to the finest cars on the roads. Tag Heuer SLR and Carrera will be rolled out on the wrists of the buyers soon. The watches are going to be expensive given the brand. How ever these are beauties in their own accord. The SLR is completely automatic with an internal rotating chronograph. On the other hand Carrera has been modeled in a traditional manner. It will have the traditionally used chronograph. Both the watches would be far out of reach of the common man but they are worth the wait by all.

HBD-DS970 SONY’s new remote Bluetooth

The HBD-DS970 Stereo Bluetooth 2.0 head set is Sony Ericsson’s latest release that comes with remote controls. The device is not completely wireless and the cables do drop out of the main unit, but it gives the user the required mobility for prolonged use. The caller ID and number are displayed on the remote giving option to the user to switch from listening music or not? The price of this device has not been decided yet and the launch is set only after march 2006. The product is sleek and will surely bring a new style trend in the Bluetooth segment.

Six megapixel digicams by Fujufilm

Fujufilm announced the launch of its new breed of digital cameras with no less than three 6 megapixel shooters. The F650 sports a 3-inch LCD and Fujifilm’s first 5x optical zoom compact shooter while the starter A600 Zoom features a 6.3 megapixel CCD, 2.4-inch LCD, and 3x optical zoom. The F30 for the moment, goes 3x optical zoom, 2.5-inch LCD, intelligent flash, and can shoot at up 3200 ISO sensitivity for the low light shooting equivalent of the human eye. Prices have not been announced but expect all three to hit the market in May.

New DMC-FX01 and DMC-TZ1 digicams by Panasonic

Panasonic have just come up with its two new digicams – the Lumix DMC-TZ1 and DMC-FX01. The Lumix DMC-TZ1 is believed to be the world’s smallest 10x optical zoom shooter. It has a 5 megapixel CCD sensor, optical image stabilization, a 2.5-inch LCD, SD expansion, and can shoot up to 800 ISO when in normal mode or 1600 when set to high-sensitive mode. The FX01 for now is a 6 megapixels point-and-shoot with 3.6x optical zoom, 2.5-inch LCD, optical image stabilization, and can record 30fps in VGA wide aspect for playback on wide-screen TVs. Both will out in the market in March for around $350.

Motorola Q

Today’s individuals and corporations are looking for mobility to give them an edge, and the new Q delivers.  The world’s thinnest QWERTY, Q changes the playing field for mobile email devices by delivering a superior mobile office experience with no compromises.  Combining quality voice, data, and multimedia in one amazing “RAZR-thin” package, Q helps make mobility = productivity. Motorola’s pitch for the Q is that it will be the “thinnest, lightest” handset with an integrated QWERTY keypad. It measures 11.5 x 6.3 x 1.1cm, which is certainly thinner than the 2cm-thick Palm Treo 650 and the 1.8cm-thick RIM Blackberry 7780, Unlike the Treo, the Q has no antenna stub.

4GB 0.85-inch HDD thumb drive by Elecom

They sure do have USB flash drives beyond 4GB but they are going to cost you a hell lot of money as the iPod continues to display – at least for the time being – that a minuscule hard disk drive is the best option. Keeping that in mind they have brought up MF-DU204G 4GB USB thumb drive from Elecom, based on a 0.85-inch HDD. Too bad we still haven’t figured out the price, because that’s most of the reasoning behind the enterprise, but while Samsung and Apple are busy bringing flash memory prices down, 0.85-inch might be our best option for a the time being.

NEC’s Bottle Shaped Media Playing Device.

Innovation has crossed yet another bench mark. The NEC VoToL PK-MV300 is a mobile media playing device that offers the owner an altogether different shape. With a shape of a perfume bottle, it has definitely aimed at attracting the young class of media player users. Despite this innovative design the original sound of the VoToL is not lost. It supports all files from MPEG-2 and 4 WMV9 videos as well. The unique ‘liquid gui’ shows the battery life volume etc. The view on the outside of the device is as if it actually holds some liquid in it. NEC is ready with the product and is planning to be out in the nest month with a price tag of $339.

Fuji’s Finepix Line Gets Extended

Come June Fuji will be launching its latest range of digital cameras. It recently announced three cameras with superior clarity and definition. The F 650 comes with a 6 megapixel capacity. The next step is the 6.3 mgapixel A600 whose entry level equipment has 3x optical zoom lens. The 2.4 inch viewfinder is an added advantage to the user. It would be the first to be introduced at a price of $249. The next step will be F30 coming at a price tag of $399 and it hits the market in May. With the camera catering to the requirements of sports and other outdoor photography it will come handy for the professionals.

12GB, 1-Inch Hard Drive by Seagate

Seagate is the first to offer a 12GB, 1-inch hard drive – the industry’s highest capacity – with new, more advanced technology in the widely adopted ST1 Series hard drive for handheld applications. The 12GB Seagate ST1 Series can hold up to 200 hours – or 4,000 songs – of high-quality music files (128 kbps), a breakthrough for pocket-size music players and entertainment devices. Seagate’s ST1 Series also delivers important and unique features for handheld applications. Seagate also delivers technology that protects the drive against shock from accidental system mishandling, increasing the robustness of the devices into which it’s integrated.

The 80GB DLNA stereo, Onkyo BR-NX8

Although DLNA (Digital Living Networking Alliance) hasn’t been much of a hit in the US, but its popularity is roaring in the overseas. Featuring 80GB HDD, the CD player, builds in the MD deck and the AM/FM tuner. 4.3 It equips the color liquid crystal display of type, loads also the Ethernet terminal. It is possible also to transfer the MP3 file inside the PC to the HDD of the BR-NX8. Also the USB terminal has on the front, with only the substance can do also the transfer of the MP3 file to the HDD and the music transfer to the USB storage class corresponding audio player from USB memory.

Pocket PC with GPS

Ever wondered how you could have your own pocket sized assistant with you every day? Well with the new Pocket PC’s on the market you can do exactly that. With your own Pocket PC you can manage your address book, listen to MP3 music, run your favorite application and in some cases make phone calls. That’s right, the new Pocket PC’s have cell phone and Wireless Internet WiFi capabilities. And with your Pocket PC loaded up with the road maps you can virtually get anywhere. You can virtually run an office in the palm of your hand.

Olympus E-330 EVOLT Preview

The EVOLT E-330 is the world’s first digital SLR to offer “Live” viewing through the Color LCD, making it easier to compose and capture the perfect shot. This big 2.5″ LCD also features HyperCrystal technology and is designed with advanced swivel capability so you can capture one dramatic result after another from up top, down low, and everywhere in-between. With innovations like these – combined with world-class optics and the patented Dust Reduction System – the E-330 lets you shoot like no other digital interchangeable lens SLR before.

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