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NM850iG’s CMOS

DoCoMo, Inc. and its eight regional subsidiaries introduced 3G FOMA™ NM850iG handset on 15th Feb. it has facility of wireless connectivity with Bluetooth® devices, including PCs for data synchronization and connection to the Internet. NM850iG’s CMOS also includes a 1.23 mega pixels camera, a clock which shows time of (upto) 15 cities simultaneously. Its voice calls, i-mode™, videophone and short messaging service (SMS) will only work only under DoCoMo’s WORLD WING™ 3G, which is starting from 24th Feb. NM850iG’s CMOS will only be available on DoCoMo sales channels, with a open(unfixed) price.

Minox DC5011, DC6011 compact digicams

As date of PMA is coming nearby, where users will come to know about all information from digicams where there makers will show off their latest gadgets, Minox has announced two models in their series of basic digicams, the 5-megapixel DC5011 and the 6-megapixel DC6011,. Minox has included all basic features : 2.5-inch LCD, 3x zoom and a movie mode. Price is yet to be announced, but it is expected that it will not cost much in its featuring category.

Louis Vuitton Twilight

Louis Vuitton’s Speedy collection of watches has introduced ‘The Twilight’ watch, a special edition to its series. ‘The Twilight’ has dial of fluorescent blue mother-of-pearl and  Eiffel Tower is also shown in it, made of 46 blue sapphires and 192 diamonds. It is water resistant upto 100 meters. The crystal used is sapphire with AR coating. The case is of 18kt Gold and the band is black snakeskin. Only 20 pieces of this special edition will be available only at LV’s Champs-Elysees Paris store, which is recently being opened for showing special editions.

New: LG XNOTE S1 Core Duo laptop with media feature

LG, today announced in Korea about LG XNOTE S1 Core Duo laptop. It has Intel Dual Core CPU, 15.4-inch WSXGA widescreen display, 1680 x 1050 resolution, 5.1 surround sound and a direct Media Experience button which will provide you an alternative boot in between dedicated media mode for DVD, CD audio and MP3. S1 is also equipped with ATI Radeon X1K for 3D Graphics. It looks cool as it is dressed into black and whites with a snazzy finish.

360 Camera Remains Stationary While Top Rotates

Cedric Tay of Yanko Design has disclosed the plan of his 360 Camera, cylindrical in shape. Its bottom part doesn’t move, only top section moves in order to take a unbroken view of entire surrounding area (panoramic view). With its cylindrical shape it will be easy for user to hold the camera into one, without need to aim and balance, also 360 camera can be placed on a tripod, while a in-built inclinometer will help you to make sure it’s level. It’s only in plan and there is no word if it will be manufacture.


Now an underwater MP3 player

MP3 players go underwater. And with all new sound technology. The Finis SwiMP3 is an underwater digital audio player. The pioneering bone conduction technology has been used by this system that helps sound to travel from the cheek bone to the ear. Sounds really innovative? So it is. The clarity one gets through the Finis SwiMP3 is much better then any other underwater MP3 player which gives a muffled sound underwater. The system comes with a 128MB memory to ensure you have enough music down there. The product does not work too well in deep waters. So its going to be a hit with the lappers may be the divers have to wait a little bit more. It would be out for sale at $180.

AMAZON to tie up with Music Companies

The success of the Amazon would be advanced multifold if its talks with four global music companies materialize. The Amazon brand audio players would be the device to listen to the music that comes out of this contract. In doing so Amazon would be setting up shop with their own iTunes Music Store competitors. The plan is to bring the tracks on the device preloaded. The subscription to this device would bring a lot of customers to Amazon and a discount on other CDs to the subscribers may be in the deal.


Alladin’s Dream Security Device

This may be the latest in security system, but its effectiveness is being questioned. The Alladin Biodynamic reader is based on the body’s ‘BioDynamic Signature’ comprising of the heart beat and other ‘intrinsic human electro-biometric dynamic signals’. It sounds very innovative as it has used something not conceived before. By placing the fingertip to the system it checks the heart beat and the fingerprints. This combination sounds difficult to break and so its crack seems to be difficult. It sounds as an ambitious product and its practical use is yet to be seen in the market. Hope this proves to be that foolproof gadget.


Sanyo’s new Mp3 audio recorders

SANYO is up to challenge the MP3 market with its two latest recorders in their Diply line of recorders. The shape might be odd but the features covers fro them well. The ICR-S340RM has a gigabyte of sound space that means you can record non stop for 140 hours. The miniSD card slot makes it all the more user friendly. On the other part of the story is the ICR-S270RM, which has a compromised space of 512 MB and also does not have the removable storage facility. The looks have been made different by making the unit stand tall while in function. The USB 2.0 plug helps it in doing do. At $280 for the S340 and $170 for S270 it seems Sanyo is going to make it big.

Soap Genie Kills Bacteria with Grace

Sharper Image offers the ultimate Soap dispenser dubbed Soap Genie. Have u ever thought of something as simple as a soap dispenser fitted with some sophisticated yet useful technology. Here, is soap genie. As soon as you place your hand under the dispenser it pours out soap or lotion and that too of your choice. It basically makes use of IR technology to sense a hand presence. It’s all the livelier from the other soap dispensers as it surrounds the environment with a sweet jingle when it dispenses. You may also have seen other dispenser dripping some soap after you have used them but Soap Genie uses a no-drip technology to prevent old soap from forming on the ground.  It’s worth $39.95.


Dual Bit Drill: Drill Your Way Pleasantly


Gone are those day when one would have to manually change the pins on the drills. Today is the time of rechargeable dual drill. Don’t even think of changing drills in the middle of the job. With the dual drill you can move back and forth efficiently between a screw bit and drill bit by just rotating the chucks. This kind of combination just changes the range of work that can actually be done. It price tagged at $119.

Forget iPod nano, get a new W950i Walkman Phone

Now we’ve got it straight from Sony Ericsson that the W950i Walkman is indeed for real and is indeed sporting 4GB of sweet sweet flash memory. We’re not so sure about this whole “Mystic Purple” color scheme they’ve got going, but there’s a lot else to love, including UMTS, tri-band GSM, a rather large QVGA screen, and a 0.6-inch thickness. The Symbian OS phone also has Opera 8, Macromedia Flash Lite, video playback support, and a built-in FM radio to augment the standard Walkman MP3/AAC capability. We’ll have to try the smooth keypad before we pass final judgment, but while sexy looking, it doesn’t seem like it’ll make one-handed texting any easier.

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