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Segatoys HomeStar Indoor Planetarium

Now your wish to get stars in your home will come true by Homestar Indoor Planetarium. Sit in your comfort and enjoy a trip into space imaginations. Homestar will create a simulated environment of constellations for you with the help of its high-brightness LEDs. You can add different environment plates of constellations to enjoy various themes on Homester. With its shape and compatibility to use battery, it is easy for you to carry it anywhere. This toy will cost you $240, including a 6-hour battery life, and an adjustable stand.


Nintendo DS adds: TV and Browser

Nintendo has announced that it will soon be adding new features to its “Nintendo DS”, providing user compatibility for web surfing and HD TV programming. Nintendo is planning to sell browser (developed with OPERA software) in June and digital TV till the end of 2006. Nintendo lovers will also see some more announcements like foreign language guide for travelers, a reference guide (in Japanese and English), software to improve penmanship, cooking guide with voice instructions and for gamers, Tetris DS(which will include Mario and Donkey Kong), and much more games by third party developers such as  Square Enix Co. Ltd., Namco and Pokemon Co.

Mustang Java beta by Sun Microsystem

On Wednesday Sun Microsystems released beta version of Java, codnamed as Project Mustang and publicly known as Java SE 6(Java Platform Standard Edition 6). Java SE 6 users will be able to see desktop enhancements, native platform look and feel, text printing drag and drop capability, table display and manipulation. These manipulations will work on Solaris, Windows and Linux OS. Support for Windows VISTA OS is also included in it. Also, DTrace function will allow users to analyze processes running on Solaris OS. 
Additionally, the new release will also function with upcoming Java Platform Enterprise Edition 5(JEE 5) and will provide updates for the Java Virtual Machine and Java Platform Debugger Architecture.

Intel Flaunting Dual Core Xeons in Japan

It has been reported by Watch Impress, that Intel has demonstrated its new upcoming dual-core Xeon processors in Japan. A “Xeon” is the relatively inexpensive P4-based version for dual-processor workstations/servers. This chip is codenamed as Sossaman, and are for blade server. Much of information is yet to revealed, it is believed that this chip was running on a Supermicro X6DLP-4GT motherboard with an E7520 chipset. Intel has not yet announced its delivery date and price.

Dell 3007WFP and Dell 2001FP action makes combination of 8 Megapixel Desktop

For those looking for some e-x-t-r-a resolution, here is a killer from Dell, it’s a combination of Dell 3007WFP and Dell 2001FP. Dell 3007WFP 30” wide screen LCD display computer monitor which gives you a resolution of 2560×1600 (4 Megapixel). It provides you an excellent image quality, but with generating a little extra heat. The display is controlled by PC graphics processor (GPU), as it doesn’t come with any image processor. Now to get a resolution 4960×1600 pixels (8 mega pixel) you need to have two Dell 2001FP 20” monitor on each side of the of this Dell 3007WFP and make sure that you have dual-dual-link graphics card. Rotating both 2001FP by 90 degrees will provide you with exact same height than the 3007WFP. Now, each 2001FP has a resolution of 1200×1600 pixels (2 mega pixel). Windows will recognize this combination (1 Dell 3007WFP and 2 Dell 2001FP) as one monitor. Once setup you’ll have a [(1200+2560+1200) x 1600] 8 megapixel Desktop, with the ability to drag and stretch windows over the entire area.

NEC’s VoToL PK-MV300

Even if you have a great designing propensity, the NEC’s VoToL PK-MV300 is till a very unthinkable of a design. It’s designed to be more appealing to the younger crowd. In a nutshell, it’s a media player with a difference. It has the shape of a perfume bottle. 

It’s even a good media player. The VoToL can play MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and WMV9 videos and also plays MP3, AAC, WMA and Ogg audio. The NEC flaunts its ‘liquid gui’ which shows the device’s battery life, volume etc. It’s yet to be launched in Japan next month and as per sources, it shall be priced at about $399.




Apple’s MacBook Pro Notebook Computers

Apple is gearing up to launch its new MacBook Pro Laptop. It has in fact begun shipping them. Apple has increased the processor speed. This is a $2500 priced model which has 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo. The notebook tops a 2.16GHz as a build–to–order option. This happens to be the first notebook computer from Apple to feature an Intel processor, which in accordance to the company sources, performs 4 times more than G4 – based PowerBook. The MacBook consists of all the lovable Apple softwares like iLife and Front Row, with Intel notebook suitable processors. MacBook thus simplifies everything such as showcasing your latest creation. Whether you are at work or at leisure in your home or hotel room, you just have to use the Apple remote to control your videos, music movies, and more.





Toyota Hybrid Sports Car

This decade Toyota made their mark by introducing the Prius, the first hybrid car to hit the market. The CS&S is a 4-wheel-drive mid-engine 2+2 sports car. Employing Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, an electric motor drives the front wheels, while a gas engine and electric motor in combination drive the rear. CS&S also unveils Toyota Space Touch, where the driver selects functions by touching holographic projections. The all-wheel-drive sports mobile may have a 105hp next-generation hybrid engine. Thanks to a 3-liter V6 augmented by dual front and rear electric motors, this car boasts a breakneck 0-60 mph in just over four seconds while still offering around 30/mpg under normal driving conditions.

BenQ DC-E600 Digital Camera

BenQ has released a new digital camera aimed at users that require both quality and fun in one package. The compact BenQ DC-E600 digital camera features a 6 Megapixel CCD image sensor, 3x optical zoom, and a large 2.5 inch LTPS TFT display. With the introduction of the BenQ DC-E600 we see a unique 2D-Rotating Lens-Eye and a PF mode, for Panoramic Focus. The Panorama Focus mode also supports you to get excellent results. A 2.5 inch high resolution LCD and VGA movie recording at 30fps with AVI (MPEG-4) format ensure comfortable viewing and super smooth movie clips. The 6 Megapixel high resolution and 3x optical zoom ensure the best quality and sizeable printing up to B4 size.

WolfKing Warrior Game Keypad

Wolfking has launched its new Warrior Game Keypad for gamers who are still stuck with a standard keyboard or WASD layout to play First Person Shooters (FPS) games. Wolfking has added a user friendly WASD keyboard layout. Warrior has same Wolf Claw gaming pad, but with addition of 12 small function keys and 3 buttons(for a total of 55 controls), all arranged in an arc shape so that you don’t need to stretch your fingers to reach common keys, which ensures a quick and efficient play in FPS games. Bigger buttons also ensure your finger relax, comfort and ergonomic gameplay. Warrior is available with a price tag of $35.

Taser’s new XREP shotgun-fired projectile

Taser, is soon launching a traditional ‘XREP shotgun’ in “non lethal” weapon category for Police. XREP shotgun-fired projectile has a range, 4 times more than the range of traditional stun guns. This 12-gauge shotgun is loaded with Extended Range Electro-Muscular Projectile, which contains a fully functional Taser circuit payload inside. 35 lucky folks who were given chance of field testing, gave their 100% recommendation for its satisfaction level. This new shotgun is expected to be seen by next year.



Proview RX-326

If you have planned to  buy a good 32-inch(82 cm Diagonal) TV, then don’t worry about  your purse weigh, bring home Proview RX-326 because its inexpensive man. Proview RX-328 has dimension of  95.0cm x 50.3cm x 11.7cm , weight of 24.2 kg, Resolution of 1368 x 768 and 17 million color richness, response time of 16 millisecond and amazingly a very wide range of looking angle 170°. Proview RX-326 has won the gold in PC Mag award for its solid picture and  rich color (in it s  price category).


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