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Linksys will Launch VoIP Handsets by next week

Its time again for a smart phone for smarter people! By next week Linksys WIP300 VoIP Handset will be there in the market. Using any 802.11b/g Wi-Fi network, the phone has an advantage of an added style in it, thereby giving it a better look. The phone includes a POP email facility and has 1.8” color display and is going to be a bit heavy on your pocket. The company Linksys has priced it to be around a tag of $ 250, which they claim to be reduced from the original of $ 300. The same (it can be said) can be justified by it being able to support the SIP 2 VoIP standard while being able to link up with your SMTP and POP 3 servers for email access and delivery.

Elecom’s Ball Shaped Speakers for iPod in new colors

Elecom Products that won Japans best deign awards in 2005, had come out with eye catching compact speakers in the shape of a ball. They were launched in the blue and pink colour especially but failed to catch the market attention as it did not look matching and cool with the iPod. However, at the beginning of this month, the same products have been launched in more attractive colors, but they are going to be on the market in black and white. It has a radius of about 1 inch, and attached with a stereo mini plug for your portable audio player.

Calypso C1250 GSM/GPRS/Wi-Fi/VoIP Mobile Phone

Talk about speed and you remember a Ferrari car or perhaps a Boeing Airplane, but never cellphones! Yes, now speed will also be another synonym for the new Calypso C1250 mobiles. Offering a speed of 11Mb per sec, Calypso is hooked up to the Internet faster than any other cell phone or even video conferencing under certain circumstances. Apart from offering every other normal cell phone features, the phone also boasts a Wifi, bluetooth and Open Source Seamless Mobility, conferring upon it an almost unlimited network coverage options – from cellular towers to Wifi. Date of release and price are not announced as yet.

Bluethooth Headsets Gone Rectangular

Weighing a third of an ounce, the latest Nokia BH-800 is all set to revolutionize the concept of Bluetooth headsets. The style savvy can look forward to its rectangular shape. It has been made compatible to all kinds of Nokia cell phones. It gives the user an extraordinary 160 hours of stand by time. The hands free talk can be continued for a 2 hour time. To do away with the inconvenience of hanging appendages out of a conventional set the BH-800 gives the option of an optional earloop. The gadget would hit the market in black and white colors and at a competitive price of $140.

Now a Swiss Army Watch!!

This is a watch to use in the dark. Everyone has heard about the benefits of a Swiss army knife, but for the first a versatile watch that specializes in ways to see in the dark is about to hit the markets. It helps people at a distance to locate the one wearing it. This makes it apt for adventure sport and excursion. It may also come handy as a distress signal.  The white LD can light up the path while the less energy consuming red one can blink every 10 seconds to signal the distant people. The watch comes in chic colors and straps. A very useful buy, for those who move with times.

New Corum Watch

As usual, Corum has again come out with some mindblowing watch in the shape of skull motif. The new masterpiece from Corum “Classical Vanitas” watch uses marquetry of precious stones and marble to scrupulously produce the intricate skull and flower design. This watch is set in 18K rose, white or yellow gold and the case measures 42mm. Also available with double sapphire crystals and a diamond with 109 carats (2.89 carats).  This watch is launched with only five (each limited to 50) versions.

WLAN Mobile phones are out sooner than expected

STMicroelectronics has just started the mass production of its STLC4370 Mobile Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) chip, which is geared towards mobile phone use. Its STLC4XXX line of chips will expand with an IEEE 802.11b/g and an IEEE 802.11a/b/g in the first quarter of this year. The cost of the chip has been cut to speed up the use and support of WLAN connectivity in mobile phones. The STLC4370 has a consolidated single-chip WLAN. In addition, it has an RF/VCO, ZIF transceiver, and an OFDM/CCK digital baseband processor, among the many other features and capabilities that it has. 

WLAN mobile phones can access business email services and advanced voice features, including Internet Protocol PBX. The STLC4370’x support for IEEE802.11e Quality of Service guarantees dependable performance. It also uses consolidated security capabilities that utilize IEEE802.11i and Wi-Fi protected access functions to safeguard data. 

Secure Digital Input/Output (SDIO) or Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) supporting clock speeds of up to 40Mbps furnish host controls. The WLAN driver uses the Symbian OS and Series 60 UI, enabling it to have energy-saving features which prolong standby and talk times. Though it is especially designed for cellular phones, the STLC4370 can also be used for other handheld devices such as PDAs and digital cameras. For non-cellular units, the STLC4370 provides a wide range of Linux drivers which provide a fast development of tablet or multimedia formats. Price is set at $10 each for a purchase of 100,000 units.

Trial HSUPA handset to handset call completed successfully

Nortel successfully completed the industrys first HSUPA call between two mobile phones. The company managed not only to make a VOIP call between the two devices, but also to transfer video and data, reaching uplink speeds of 1.4 Mbps.
Nortel has managed to complete successfully the industry’s first HSUPA call between two mobile phones. High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) allows uplink speeds about four times faster than current UMTS services. Using its commercial UMTS Base Transceiver Station and Aeroflex’s TM500 handset simulator, Nortel managed not only to make a VOIP call between two handsets, but also to transfer video and data. The uplink speeds, reached during the trial, are 1.4 Mbps. This trial reveals the potential of HSUPA, which will allow VOIP calling, video streaming, real-time high-definition mobile gaming as well as large file exchange. Nortel’s HSUPA is expected to be available to carriers in the beginning of 2007.

New antivirus solutions for mobiles!!

Ericsson Mobile Device Antivirus is now available as part of Ericsson’s Mobile Data Solutions portfolio, which offers enterprises secure mobile access to business-critical data applications.
Ericsson said Friday it is offering the industry’s first mobile antivirus solution specifically designed for operator environments. Ericsson Mobile Device Antivirus will provide centralized control over antivirus and SMS spam protection for SmartPhones running Symbian and Microsoft operating systems. It will be available as a separate product, as part of a packaged mobile data solution, or as a hosted solution, not decide yet.

Samsung Digimax L60, L85 point-and-shoots

For those who thought that the megapixel war was over, its time to reconsider their limits. Its Samsung this time that is stretching the limits. The two new point-and-shoot 6 and 8.1 megapixel cameras have been rolled out of the company.  The L 60 a 3x optical zoom machine that caters to the needs of mature photographers. But for those who can handle the lens device well there is the L 85 which comes with a 5x optical zoom providing extra clarity in the shots. The unusual point-and-shoot feature is going to give the competitors something to worry about. You can save the pictures in uncompressed TIFF format. The price is yet to announced but its sure going to hit the market in a big way.

Teddy Bear MP3 Player

Technology comes in many forms and this time it chose to pose as a little teddy bear. Weighing only 60 grams the cute little teddy bear is actually an MP3 player. The featured player supports WMA and MP3 files, digital voice recorder, and even charges its internal battery through USB. You can use it for recording messages, singing songs in your own voice for your children while they are going to sleep. With the price tag of $78, it’s indeniably cute yet very expensive. The release date is expected to be around 30th March.

Samsung SC DC164 camcorder

Continuing to be a leader in camcorder innovation, Samsung propels the DVD camcorder market to new heights with its advanced new model, the Samsung SC-DC164. The Samsung DC164 is compatible with all key single layer DVD formats as well as dual layer +R discs, an industry first. The Samsung SC-DC164 DVD camcorder is designed for consumers who want a high-quality, full featured DVD camcorder that allows for convenient, direct recording to high-capacity, single and dual layer DVD discs, as well as compatibility with the most popular memory card formats. The Samsung DC164 will be available in February 2006 with a retail price of $449.99.


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