Darth Vader alarm clock projects time, uses the Force to awaken you

This Vader alarm clock has a frickin laser to display the time on your wall, ceiling, face, wherever you aim it pretty much. It will also display the Vader name.

There is a Vader figurine on the left of the alarm clock, and a red hemisphere on the right. The hemisphere acts as a night light as well as a snooze button of enormous proportions.

The time is displayed on a red LCD along with the time the alarm is set for and whether the alarm is set or not. They will be available for $29.99 in October, you can actually pony up the dough now for a pre-order if you want to make sure you get one. P.S. Don't forget to turn on the night light.

Darth Vader Projector Alarm Clock Force's You Out of Bed [via ohgizmo]