Ctrl Z can undo your wrinkles too with Oil of Olay

It would seem as gadgets of every kind have become more mainstream the world has gone a bit more geeky. Even the most chic brand names have started adding little techie twists to their products, now Oil of Olay is one of those brand names.

A lot of younger products have been leading the way with tech inspired beauty products, I'm actually a little shocked that Oil of Olay has joined the club. It would seem there is hope for the world after all. Oil of Olay has created a new container for their wrinkle free cream featuring keyboard keys. One of them saying ctrl and the other saying z.

In case you are slow to catch on (don't worry I won't tell), ctrl+z is the command you use to undo in a lot of programs. A quirky way to add a bit of humor to your wrinkles, I don't even have wrinkles yet and I'm tempted to go looking for this product.

Ctrl + Z by Oil of Olay [via techiediva]