Crytek cancels 1.3 patch for Crysis

I remember back in the good old days when a game came out, you were stuck with it as-is. Nowadays we're graced with high speed internet and frequent patches, updates and additional content. So when a developer announces that they have decided to stop releasing patches for a game that really isn't that old.

Crytek had been talking big about some changes that would be coming to Crysis, including a Linux dedicated server release. However, they recently stated that there will be no 1.3 patch (the next logical update) and that they are putting the Linux server release on hold. While this is obviously upsetting to players, they added this little tidbit to provide a ray of hope. " . . . we hope you understand when you hear more about the reasons why in the very, very near future."

The only thing I can really think of is that maybe they're going to release v2.0. While it doesn't seem like a logical move, there's little else that I could see them doing that will please gamers.

[via Big Download]