Crucial Dropping New SSD Drives With An Added Twist

So, Crucial is dropping their own SSD drives, initially in 32 and 64 gigabyte capacities, but that will likely grow. They connect to your computer via SATA meaning they are hot-swappable, but there is another twist.

When they release, there will be an external kit that will allow you to easily connect the drive via USB should you choose to. It's a nice addition for those that are on the go as often or more often than they are at their desktop.

You might not want to make a regular practice of constantly installing and then removing the drive from your desktop computer, but if you had a bunch of files that you needed to take with you that just wouldn't fit on your flash drive, this would be a nifty option. No word on price for either the drives or the mobile kit, but they should be shipping before the end of winter (when did ship dates start being synched with weather cycles?).

Crucial intros SSD for notebooks, USB [via electronista]