Crazy thin ThinkPad X1 surfaces

If you like your notebooks to be really thin and portable, you will like the new offerings from Lenovo that have turned up. The notebook reminds me a lot of the MacBook Air in profile and has a seriously thin screen that looks to thin to actually cram the parts needed for it to operate inside. The new notebook is called the ThinkPad X1 and while it looks as thin as the Air, it is a bit thicker at 21.5mm thick. It is important to note that this machine isn't official and it could be some sort of fake until confirmed.

It looks legit enough though with the ThinkPad style we are used to with both a track pad and a little red tracking nub in the center of the keyboard. The notebook is said to run a 2.5GHz Core i5-2520M processor and use a 160GB SSD for storing data and software. The machine has a 13.3-inch screen and that screen uses Gorilla Glass over the top to prevent scratches and breakage. I really don't see anything outside the realm of possibility so I bet this notebook is the real deal, but time will tell.

It has 8GB of RAM inside one RAM slot and the 13.3-inch screen resolution is 1366 x 768. That would mean it supports 720p HD content. It also has a SDXC card reader and what GPU it uses is unknown. I would assume that with the thin profile we are talking integrated graphics though. The machine is on the Tell IT website in Switzerland with a price that works out to $2,920 and has a May 20 delivery date.

[via Engadget]