Countertop Beer Cooler – Keep your beer cold and looking good

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 21, 2007

Want to have that great from-the-tap beer experience without making room in your garage for a kegerator? Here’s a great gadget that’ll server you fresh beer that you can keep on your counter and won’t make you look like a drunk.

The Countertop Beer Cooler and Tap will hold a five-liter keg and keep it chilled to the perfect temperature. It has a CO2 regulator, LCD screen and integrated tap. What’s great is that it looks so sleek people might confuse it for some fancy coffee maker.

You’ll need to fork over $300 to keep one of these around, but if you like having the finer things, and the occasional cold beer from the tap, it’ll be well worth the price.

Countertop Beer Cooler And Tap [via uberreview]

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