Countdown to Jan'07 - iPhone Announcement?

ThinkSecret's insiders have given everyone hoping for an Apple cellphone a good reason to circle the Macworld Expo San Francisco happening in January 2007.  After apparently having multiple issues with hardware limitations preventing a 2006 launch, Apple have apparently settled on using off-the-shelf components for the first in a range of two to three phones to be rolled out next year.

"Apple will pack several high-end features into its phone, including a 3-megapixel camera, 2.2-inch display, and complete iTunes/iPod features and integration" [ThinkSecret sources]

Perhaps the most reassuring news for anybody soured by the Motorola ROKR's paltry 100 song limit is the confirmation that the Apple phone's capacity will be limited only by the - as yet unknown – memory it has.

Sources: Apple phone on track for early '07 [ThinkSecret]