Connect One Wi-Reach Classic 3G/4G mobile hotspot debuts

The MiFi Mobile hotspot is a cool device, even if it was found to have a vulnerability. A new mobile hot spot has been unveiled in Spain at MWC 2010 that is from Connect One and it is called the Wi-Reach Classic.

The Wi-Reach Classic is a mobile hotspot device that has a USB port in a battery-powered cradle for connecting any USB mobile broadband modem. The device works with 3G modems and with upgradable software the device supports future 4G modems as well. The device supports both WiMax and LTE networks.

The Wi-Reach allows up to ten computers to connect at once and has a built-in battery that charges via USB. The battery promises up to five hours of continuous use. Inside the Wi-Reach is a connect One CO2144 router on chip that is in use on devices already .The Wi-Reach Classic is available for $99 direct from Connect One.