Comcast Marketing 50Mbps Internet Connections

In Minneapolis/St. Paul where the only things not still frozen are the Internet connections Comcast is making a ruckus by offering up a 50/5 Mbps down/up internet connection. Sure it costs $150 a month, which means not too many people are going to be buying into it, but it's still interesting, I mean there isn't any use for that fast of a connection unless you are using it for exactly what they were blocking just a week ago.

The $150 price tag is only for personal use, business accounts will have to pony up $200 a month for the same service. That 5Mbps upstream speed would be great for hosting a personal server, or even an internet connected file server so you can get to your stuff from anywhere, but is it worth the hefty price?

This amazing feat is accomplished using the new DOCSIS 3.0 technology on top of at least a partially fiber based connection and can actually provide up to 100Mbps, or up to 160Mbps in the future. As I said, right now it's only in Minneapolis/St. Paul (how do they choose these test sites?) but they plan to have 20% coverage by the end of this year and full coverage by 2010. Personally I could care less how fast the service gets, as soon as Verizon or ATT bring their Fiber here I'm done with these fools.

[via digitaltrends]