Comcast and TiVo partnership finally rolls out a product

So two years ago Comcast announced that some or all of their DVR boxes would be getting pimped by the people who make TiVo, well, someone finally got one of those boxes. To be more specific a Mr. Steve Garfield in Boston has gotten one of the boxes.

Apparently the software is buggy, and as he is the only one with one of the damned things, support is horrible. I have no idea how fast or when these things will roll out more widespread, but I know I want one.

So, if you want one too, I'd recommend you do like I am about to and go call your local Comcast people. I don't really support or recommend Comcast, in fact I nearly loathe them for everything but their video services, but if like me they are the best option you have, might as well take what little improvements they do offer when they offer them.

Comcast + TiVo finally in the wild, your upgrade coming soon? [via CrunchGear]

Photo: Steve Garfield CC BY-NC-SA