Clandestine O2 iPad data plan tweak leaves users seeing red

Carrier O2 is raising UK iPad WiFi + 3G owners' blood pressure, with the unexpected – and quiet – decision to slice a fair chunk from data allowances for the Apple slate.  Customers are being contacted with the information that their original data plans – which offered 3GB for £15 per month or 500MB for £2 per day – are now being considered "promotional allowances", and as of early October will be reduced to 2GB for £15 or 200MB for £2.

That's despite the original information O2 released about their iPad data plans making no mention of promotional rates.  It seems the carrier changed its mind the following month, and updated its packages to reflect the promotional nature of the allowances, but it failed to contact any of the original subscribers to inform them of the different conditions.

The loophole is that, with the agreement being a 30-day rolling contract, just as subscribers are free to ditch O2 with a month's notice, the carrier itself is able to change the conditions of the contract each month too.  Not telling users until now, though, seems like poor customer service from O2, though the carrier is unrepentant:

"When we announced new data pricing in June we aligned all tariffs to make them clear and transparent for all our customers. Since then, previous allowances have been shown as a promotion on our website. The vast majority of iPad customers are using under 2 GB per month and will not be affected by this change. Those who are can purchase more data if they wish." O2 statement

[via The Register]