Circuit City To Enter The Used Game Business

When I think of someplace to buy used games, I generally think Game X Change or GameStop. I usually end up going to Game X Change, they've always got a decent selection, and the people there are a lot more helpful. What's interesting is that I may be able to slip down to my local Circuit City to pick up used games.

According to a recent announcement by the retail giant, they have been testing the sale of used games in 10 of their stores. The used game selection has apparently brought increased foot traffic in the stores, which is always good, considering the amount of time people spend shopping online. Naturally, they have decided to extend this offering to more of their stores, though they did not say how many.

If  you're wondering just how they are going to squeeze used games into your local store, they plan on utilizing space that's been freed up by declining CD sales. Don't bother trying to sell them your used games, all of their used titles will be coming from a distributer.

[via SmartMoney]