Chrome OS "Easy Unlock" feature surfaces

Chromebooks are simple devices, and if a yet-unfinished feature that has surfaced ever comes to fruition, they could get even simpler. "Easy Unlock" is a feature that unlocks a user's Chromebook automatically when his or her smartphone is nearby.

The feature was spotted in the Chrome OS dev channel, where it says the feature allow a Chromebook owner to instantly unlock the device with a nearby smartphone, "no password necessary." It then includes a "Find your phone" button as the initial step in an apparent setup wizard.

The feature can be enabled for those on the dev channel, and though it appears that the feature will work, a couple clicks quickly reveal that the feature is little more than a pretty picture and promising description at this point.

The feature is also spotted under Chrome's settings, but no functionality is in place. When or if the feature will find its way into Chrome OS as an option for the average user isn't known, but it is interesting either way and promises enhanced security over current methods.

SOURCE: Android Police