Chrome Briefly Became The Most Popular Browser In The World

Google's Chrome browser very briefly became the most popular browser in the world yesterday, according to data from StatCounter. On March 18th, Chrome managed to overtake Internet Explorer to take the crown, with Mozilla's Firefox coming in third. However, by the next day, IE once again reigned supreme.

Chrome ended up taking 32.71% of all browser usage, just barely beating out Internet Explorer which came in at 32.5%. Firefox finished third with 24.81%, with Safari and Opera a distant fourth and fifth with 7.13% and 1.86% respectively.

It couldn't last, naturally: Monday and Tuesday's data shows that Internet Explorer still sits comfortably at the top of the pile. Google have been keen to advertise Chrome across multiple countries, as well as employing a large range of advertising methods, such as posters, television commercials, and web adverts.

That advertising push has been paying off. Chrome has slowly been eating into both Internet Explorer and Firefox's market share, promising a faster and more secure browser. If Chrome maintains the same rate of current growth, it could overtake Internet Explorer completely in a very short time.

[via The Next Web]