Chopper Gets Intel Mobile Computing Treatment

Car PCs are cool, but re-fit that idea to a chopper and it comes out way cooler. I mean, this bike is what you get when you combine the efforts of Intel, OCC (Orange County Choppers), and Black Diamond.

Those three are pretty much the best at what they do, and as such the three of them coming together is near epic. The PC on board is all-weather, and can also withstand the vibrations and movement of the bike itself, but wait until you hear everything the computer can do.

It has a fingerprint recognition system that acts as the ignition, no key required, then there is a digital dashboard that not only brings you all sorts of technical data both on the bike and the computer, but it is also good for entertainment and even offers up web access. Instead of rear-view mirrors, there are a couple of LCDs and a pair of rear mounted cameras that serve the same purpose, this thing has Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS and can do a lot with all of those. The SwitchBack PC, which is the computer in this bike, will cost you between six and ten thousand dollars, and then you have to buy a bike to have it all mounted to.

Computerized Chopper [via coolest-gadgets]