Chalk One Up For Sony - PS3 Failure Rate Less Than 1%

We've been hearing reports that the Xbox 360 failure rate is as high as 30%. From what I've heard from other gamers, that unfortunately sounds pretty close to the mark. I love my 360, and I do my best to take care of it, but I always worry that one day it will bite the dust. With the failure rate that high on the Xbox, it makes us wonder what kind of failure rate the PS3 has.

According to EB games, the failure rate is less than 1% for the PS3, and most other consoles. So while the Xbox 360 may be cheaper to purchase up front, and have a better selection of games at the moment, the PS3 may actually be cheaper to maintain in the long run.

Honestly, as much as I've been disappointed by the PS3, I know that it will eventually be a good investment. I've never worried about a console dying like I do my Xbox 360. My old PS2 has been alive and kicking since the day I bought it oh so many years ago, and I still play Guitar Hero II on it fairly often. I'd cross my fingers and hope that Microsoft steps up and takes care of the Xbox 360 problems, but it's already been out for well over a year and they're still dropping like flies.

PS3 Failure Rate Less Than One Percent? [via gizmodo]