CES 2008: Polaroid Freescape

Imagine combining the best of the TiVo and the best of a SlinBox all into one and you have a pretty good idea of what Polaroid is offering up with the Freescape. It's a DVR, is a wirelessly streaming media hub, and it's a place shifter, it is the ultimate in digital entertainment hardware.

Starting with TV you can connect broadcast, basic cable or DIRECTV to the box and you get free, unlimited, lifetime TV guide services and you can record TV shows, movies on TV, just about anything you want. You can also sync all your digital content with this box, all your photos, videos, music, and it doesn't have to start digital, you can also rip analog content into digital from a VCR or camcorder using the Freescape.

The best part is that as more Freescape products come out, you can spread the content out to those devices as well. There are currently four products in the line in total, the Digital Media Exchange, the Digital Media Extender, Wireless Multimedia Frame, and the Wireless Media Player.

The Exchange and Extender are both set-top boxes with the exchange being the center of the whole device network and the Extender is, well, an extender. The Wireless Multimedia Frame is a wireless connecting picture frame that you can view pictures on, watch videos, listen to music, or watch recorded TV with.

The Wireless Multimedia Player more of the same, except that it comes in a form that looks almost exactly like the iPhone. Sadly I don't have anything in the way of price or availability information, but for now enjoy the pictures and the news and I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything new.