CES 2008: ASUS collaborating with Hitachi for world’s first Terabyte laptop

James Allan Brady - Jan 3, 2008

So you know those new 500GB laptop hard drives we showed you earlier today, the ones from Hitachi? Well ASUS was lucky enough to get in on Hitachi’s good graces and the two have cranked out a laptop with a 2-drive configuration that totals a terabyte of storage, on the go.

That particular hard drive has been integrated into two of ASUS’s notebooks, the M50 and the M70. The M50 only has one of the drives at 500GB, which is still pretty impressive.

But the M70 is where the real magic is offering up the two-drive configuration for a total of a thousand gigabytes, technically I think a terabyte is 1024 gigabytes, but we’ll go with the flow here and call a thousand close enough. No word on price or availability, but hopefully we’ll find these things out at the show. Furthermore, I hope the M70 comes with a RAID option of at least 0 and 1 or JBOD.

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