CES 2007 Cherry Picks: NETGEAR Dual-Mode DECT Cordless Phone with Skype

Rue Liu - Jan 10, 2007

I’m a hard-sell when it comes to VoIP handsets, in fact some might say I was just plain picky.  I can’t see the point of anything that has to be plugged in to a USB port (unless you’ve got a server at home, would you really want to leave your PC on all the time on the off-chance that you want to make a call?) and I want as much of the software functionality available from the handset itself without having to go to a computer to set it up.  Well, NETGEAR have met my arduous demands and actually gone a bit further; their SPH200D works both with Skype and your PSTN landline, allowing calls to and from both to be managed simultaneously.

Based on the DECT standard, a full-colour screen, speakerphone and capacity for up to four handsets registered to each base-station round out what’s on offer for the $199.99 MRSP.  It’s available now.

Product Page [NETGEAR]

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