CeeLite's Bright and Thin

Round and curvacious just doesn't cut it these days. Everythings got to be thin as do light bulbs. The new CeeLite Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) panels have gone a little overboard on their diet, creating a flexible paper-thin light bulb, just one millimeter thick. As described on SciFi Tech, "the panels sandwich light-emitting phosphors between layers of electrodes. When an AC voltage is applied, the phosphors light up with a warm white glow, consuming less power than a neon or fluorescent bulb." Many trendy spots are already incorporating them into the d├ęcor. The panels come in sizes as large as 3 x 6 feet, and can literally be hung like wall paper, although it would probably be one expensive wall since its not something you'd find at your local Home Depot.

Just like every other gadget, light bulbs go flat [Via: SciFi Tech]