CEDIA 2007 – Terra Speakers CA Series

James Allan Brady - Sep 7, 2007

The CA series, much like their AC counterparts, are meant to stand up to all the elements. The only difference is that this time, the speaker company from Maine made them flush mountable.

There are 8 models in this line, ranging from 5.25” all the way up to 8 inches. There are dedicated woofers, speakers with dual voice coils to cover the highs, and Mid/Bass speakers.

Some of them come with grills to hide away the speakers, others you can either let them show, which isn’t an entirely bad idea considering they are little works of art, or you can find some way to cover them on your own. As I said, they speakers are literally almost exactly like their enclosed counterparts, but it’s up to you to mount them where you like.

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