CD Projekt is not optimistic about Xbox 720's used game ban

There have been a lot of game developers coming forward in support of speculation that Microsoft's next-generation console will prevent players from buying used games and will register each game disc to one and only one system. From their perspective, it's a way to ensure anyone who buys the game is fattening their paycheck. But at least one major developer has said it could be a big can of worms.

The developer in question is CD Projekt, which is best known for creating the expansive role-playing game The Witcher 2. In an interview with Eurogamer, CD Projekt's Adam Badowski was quoted as saying the idea of banning used games "can be a bad thing," adding, "We are losing money not because of pirates; we are losing money because people decided not to buy our game." Now there's a refreshing dose of reality.

Obviously, the idea of locking a game to one Xbox 720 unit creates more problems than it solves. There's the issue of game rentals, taking a game over to a friend's house, or needing to get a new Xbox if yours breaks or a newer model becomes available. Badowski said instead of trying to punish gamers, "We should invest more power to upgrade and polish our products and convince players to keep our products, to be with us, to understand our needs."

[via Eurogamer]