Canon PowerShot G1 X hands-on

Earlier Canon officially confirmed the PowerShot G1 X, and here at Pepcom: Digital Experience we were able to get hands-on. It compared to previous models in the G series, the G1 X is a bit larger and has a very decent compact-fixed lens. With its 14.3 megapixel CMOS sensor it would be perfect for any intermediate level photographer.

Practically all of the settings for previous G series cameras are still available on the G1 X, so those looking to upgrade shouldn't be too unfamiliar with it. But the only real reason to upgrade would be for the 4x optical zoom and the wide-angle 28mm lens. And of course, the improved sensor.

It's hard to get past the $800 price tag, but it offers a pivotable viewing touchscreen that many other cameras lack. It takes full HD 1080p video and has a built in face detection system. The shooter should be available in February, and an exact date hasn't quite been announced.