Canon G12 leaks again

The Canon G12 digital camera has leaked again for the second time in only a few days. This time around, the leaked info comes by way of CNET Asia and CrunchGear. The G12 is a compact camera with lots of manual features like the other G series cams Canon has already.

The G12 will have a 10MP CCD and a 5x optical zoom lens. The lens has an f/2.8-4.5 range and the rear LCD is a 2.8-inch unit that swivels and tilts. The camera also records digital video in 720p resolution.

Other features that we know about so far include a HDR mode when using bracketed exposures. For the rest of the specs will have to wait for the official announcement. The expectation is that the G12 will go official at the Canon expo coming up this month.