Call of Duty: Black Ops Censored in Germany, International Versions Blocked by Steam

It may not be as controversial as another First Person Shooter (FPS) title that was recently released, but it looks like Treyarch and Activision's upcoming title, Call of Duty: Black Ops, won't be arriving in Germany in its pristine condition. According to, the title has been banned in Germany, which means that a censored version of the title will be landing in the country. But, if you're a PC gamer expecting to get around the ban by playing a different country's version, you're also out of luck.

The German games site is reporting that not only is the normal version of Black Ops banned from the country, but that the digital version of the title will also have to be verified to play. On the physical media side of things, the traditional version of the upcoming FPS has been banned, so players in Germany will have to play a censored version. And only the censored version. This isn't a new practice by any means, but it will certainly mean that some people won't buy the title, due to the censored aspect.

As for the digital version, it would be a relatively easy task for PC gamers just to find the international version of the title, and then have their fun with that. However, the new game will use Steam for authorization purposes, and that means international versions won't be allowed in Germany. Steam will only verify local versions of the game.

[via BigDownload]