Buffalo External Drive features Quad-Interface

Daniel Lim - Feb 27, 2008

Have you noticed the popularity of FireWire is slowly declining in PC industry? Take 1394B or FW 800 for example, you don’t see them anymore. I have a 5-year old Abit mobo with four FireWires built-in, pair of 800 and 400 each, but you barely get one with FW400 these days. Pity, I like the speed of FireWire better than USB 2.0 when it comes to external drive or card reader. But there’s one better than both, the Esata.

If you want the most versatile external drive, then you need a Quad Interface like the recently announced Buffalo offering the whole she-bang with a USB 2.0, 2x FW 800, 1xFW400 and a Esata. Buffalo is selling them at $285 to $654 for 320GB to 1TB version but you can probably get a better deal buying the case and hdd separately from vendor like G-Drive or OWC.

[via akihabaranews]

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