Box gives 50 GB cloud storage to all Android users

Attention anyone with an Android phone or tablet – sign up for a Box account right now because you'll get a whopping 50 GB of cloud storage absolutely free. This special offer is only available for the next 30 days, and it is definitely not just some gimmick. Box is not a free cloud service, but with all that's been happening in this space recently, the company decided this was the way to get a jolt of attention.

Between Amazon's Cloud Drive and music-playing service, and Apple's nascent iCloud platform, cloud storage is becoming more popular than ever. In addition, Google is reportedly working on a user-friendly cloud drive project and Microsoft will certainly make Windows 8 as cloud-friendly as possible. Where does Box fit in with all this? It was an early pioneer in the market and has targeted a very niche market until now.

The Android announcement comes as the company has updated its Android app, making it fully compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich. Box even worked directly with Google to make its service as Android-friendly as possible. With the new version of the app, users can comment on documents that their friends or colleagues have shared with them, there is a batch uploading feature, and there's more granularity in terms of granting access to your files and folders. The company sees Android as its biggest room for growth, and says it will do everything it can to make sure the experience is streamlined across all iterations of the Google platform.

[via VentureBeat]