Book Book is cool cool

I am usually all meh when it comes to new cases for notebook computers, but a new and really cool one for MacBooks has turned up called the Book Book. I am guessing that if you have a Windows machine sized along the lines of a MacBook it would fit inside the Book Book too, but you might have to call it the Book PC or maybe PC Book.

The case looks like a book on the outside (if you hadn't figured that out yet) and has hard sides to protect the computer inside from bumps and damage. Each of the covers is hand distressed to look like an old book. The case closes with dual zippers and has elastic corner straps to keep it attached to the lid of your notebook.

The case is available in red or black and comes in sizes for 13-inch MacBooks or 15-inch MacBooks. The outside of the case is made from leather. Either size Book Book case can be had for $79.99 with free shipping.