BlackBerry PlayBook gets Adobe AIR video demo

Chris Davies - Oct 26, 2010, 9:30am CDT
BlackBerry PlayBook gets Adobe AIR video demo

RIM came in for some criticism for not only keeping their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet behind glass after the slate’s official unveil, but for not even having a unit on-stage during the announcement, leading to speculation that the Canadian company didn’t even have a working unit to show.  That’s obviously not been the case at this week’s Adobe MAX conference keynote, during which RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis whipped out a PlayBook for a demo.

Video after the cut

Together with Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch – rubbing his hands together at Adobe AIR 2.5 being so heavily baked into RIM’s SDK for the PlayBook – Lazaridis ran through Flash video, in-browser Flash content, multitasking, and some AIR applications from third party developers.

It all looks mighty slick, as you’d hope for a big on-stage demo like this, though of course there’s plenty of time before the PlayBook arrives in stores in the first half of 2011.  More information in the video below.

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