BlackBerry PlayBook Event Invite Sent to Press

We've been pumped up about this device for what seems like an eternity. The BlackBerry PlayBook, now an unlikely hero in an intensely rapidly expanding and changing tablet market. What this event will certainly contain is a formal introduction to the near-final build of the PlayBook itself along with a demo and possibly the chance to bring one or two of the little beauts home with us. This event is going to be taking place April 14th at 6PM EST in New York, NY.

What's possibly the most exciting announcement in recent history about this particular RIM device is its amazing ability to support Android apps. Take a peek at the story on this being reported back on March 24th, 2011, and wonder aloud to yourself how well it'll handle Enzo's Pinball. Then wonder with us if we'll be looking at the 16, 32, or 64GB model at the event, and if the $499 pricetag is going to stick.

Perhaps we'll see if the insides have changed enough to stave off HP representatives calling copy foul, and how far developers have gotten with the simulator. No matter what, we're looking at a rather big product launch here, ladies and gentlemen, a rather large launch indeed. We'll be there live!