BlackBerry Messenger for Android surfaces in more screen shots

A few days ago, we caught a glimpse at the first spy shots of the BlackBerry Messenger or BBM app for Android users running on a device. Some more screens of the app running what appears to be a different device have surfaced as well. The other screens show some of the same views that we saw previously, but it also includes a couple new views.

TechnoBuffalo was sent some screen shots from a source and the source added a bit of background to go with the screen shots that add a little credibility to things. The source claims to work for RIM. The phone the screenshots show looks very rough, and there is apparently a reason for it. The phone is a dev unit that RIM whipped up and the buttons on the front are just stuck on according to the source.

The source also said that in the leaked screens from earlier in the week, the Nicole account seen is the default test account for BBM testing. The images could still be bogus keep the salt handy. Still, the new shots are clearly from a different device than the other and have a different background image. What do you think are these real or fake?

[via TechnoBuffalo]