BlackBerry condemns questionable BBM for Android app reviews

Shane McGlaun - Oct 25, 2013, 5:37am CDT
BlackBerry condemns questionable BBM for Android app reviews

This was a big week for BlackBerry as it launched the BBM apps for Android and iPhone users. The apps proved to be impressively popular reaching 10 million downloads in the first 24 hours. A bit of controversy has cropped up over a number of suspicious reviews on the Google template website for the recently launched BBM for Android application.

A number of the suspicious reviews give the application a five-star rating. There are also some suspicious reviews giving the application a one star rating according the BlackBerry. BlackBerry has now stepped forward and stated that it takes no responsibility for any of the questionable reviews and does not condone any of those reviews.


A BlackBerry spokesperson said:

We have been made aware of a number of potentially fake reviews of BBM for Android on Google Play, with ratings anywhere from one to five stars,” . “We have no knowledge of how these reviews were created or populated. We do not approve of or condone such activities. There are also many genuinely great and useful reviews from our new BBM users on Google Play. We would like to encourage our fans and users to continue to provide true assessments of the BBM experience through the proper channels.

The thing that tipped that the reviews might be fake is that some are written in what is described as very poor English. Those reviews appear as if they could have been posted by spammers or bots. A closer look at the reviews also found that some of them appear to have the same text copied over and over.

One of the images above shows a few of these suspicious reviews. BlackBerry does point out that there are many legitimate reviews that are very positive, along with a number that are also negative. The BBM for Android application has racked up over 180,000 reviews so far. If you want to know more about the application, check out our hands-on with the BBM Android and iOS apps.

SOURCE: TheNextWeb

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25 Responses to BlackBerry condemns questionable BBM for Android app reviews

  1. If the media is so hell bent on conspiracies. Why not investigate the duplicate ‘low’ ranking comments ? Why not investigate why Apple ‘accidentally’ removed the font that BBM uses in the latest ios update ? Why not investigate why U.S. carriers delayed certifying BB10 and then delayed approving updates to the BB10 o/s while global carriers approved them in a fraction of the time ? Why not investigate the hedge funds that stand to lose billions if the stock does not go down ? Why not investigate the fact that the Blackberry network is the only secure system offering the last vestige of privacy to mobile users and has frustrated attempts to surveillance it unlike the other systems used by android and ios ?

    • Could someone also investigate why if I have my own BES server I can’t get emails if BB’s serves go down? Also, maybe see about why BB waited to put out competitive devices for 6 years while the competition blew them away.

      Oh and for your final conspiracy, here’s an answer. Many higher ups in the US govt used BB and potentially BBM. If BBM were exposed to NSA scrutiny then people might find out some of the dirty dealings going on and nobody wants that. No need to spy on the people making the spy rules.

      A little more on topic: FU BB. You held the mobile market hostage for far too long and your company’s death is welcome by people like me.

      • Yup, there are many people like you. When you finish trolling BlackBerry articles, you’ll go back to bullying young teenagers on FB in the hope they commit suicide.

        • I have issues? Says the person defending a company they neither work for nor do they own stock in….right.

        • I know! I can’t understand the aggressive support amongst RIM supporters. How do consumers fall prey to brands like this?

          What happened to just buying products that suit your needs/wants and only buying from those companies that do just that rather than buy from them because of their name?

    • It’s our job to go hard on BB and we will keep doing it until they bite the dust.

      Yours Truly, The Media

  2. Wait what. You come up with an product that has no conceivable value add to what people were already using. Make people stand in queue for it.

    And then have the gall to condemn people who dont like it. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and expression? I guess your move into obscurity is bringing early onset senility.

    p.s. BB you aint Apple. Only apple has enough backers to support a move such as this

    • Did you even read the article or look at the picture? All you actually had to do was look at the picture and it would have all made sense. BB was condemning all the spam reviews for the BBM app. If you look at the reviews for the app in the Play Store you will see what I’m talking about. Try to be a little less oblivious.

      • Mate, the point i was on was not that there are or are not any spam reviews. Its a question of Blackberry going out and condemning reviews. Its one short of denying access to bb products to anyone who gives them bad reviews. Good and bad reviews are all part of the game. You cant go out and say, people please only give me good reviews.

        You have to lump it. Its a sign of the market not liking you and letting you know that.

        • Well you completely missed the point then. BB isn’t condemning people for expressing their opinion. They were condemning spam reviews. Look at the reviews for the BBM app on the play store and you will understand.

        • umm to clarify, I was saying any reviews (spam or otherwise), are review. Its something all Devs face. But the way to stop it is to report those reviews, rather than whine about it. Any review, even if spam, is an expression – in the case of spam, simply that someone hates you enough to spam. BB knew that going into the app store or google play was going to be a baptism of fire, after all they are walking into the competitions turf, and trying to grab their messaging traffic, cant say other devs, or the hardcore fans can be too happy about it. But to me its public statement seems to be just moaning and whining. Of-course thats my view, and you are welcome to your own.

        • Dude are you really that dense, or do you just not understand what ‘spam’ means? People were copy and pasting the same two sentences and then giving a star rating that doesn’t reflect the review. They weren’t expressing their opinion, they were just flooding the review section with the same review over and over again. And it’s not even a negative review they were copying and pasting, it’s a positive review. But the fact is that it doesn’t reflect an actual opinion. THAT’S why BB condemned them.

        • instead of trying to think that you have the only opinion here, try and wonder if I had a point. FYI the ACT OF SPAMMING IS AN EXPRESSION – In my view, of people’s disinterest. Did that get through? If you cant see it, fair enough – feel free to challenge my mental faculties, hopefully it will make you feel better.

        • God, you are that dense. It’s a spam of a POSITIVE review. Have you even looked at it?

        • have two words for you. its SARCASM and TROLLING. see the picture, if you cant get beyond your thought….. the ratings are irrelevant., of the 5 reviews in the picture, there are three different rating levels. To me that is not a positive review lol. If you go this very instant to Google PLAY you will be clear that its trolling at its best (the last reviewer even goes to put that in his title).
          Or you can call me dense again.

        • Now you’re making at least some sense. But that’s why BB condemned them. Can you blame them for wanting actual reviews of the application? I’m not a BB fanboy, but you have to give them at least a little credit for making something useful.

        • now that you have followed me so far. Let me put this to you. I think, that the rampant trolling is symptomatic of people not giving a flying f**k about blackberry, and expressing their opinion as such. Agreed that this is not justified, but Blackberry’s reaction, to me, is more like calling the cops just because the neighbors kids keep stealing fruits from your garden. It just, well a bit whiny, and plaintive. (and there are better ways to react – like speak to the parents, in this case reporting the reviews)
          Did we get you through this paragraph, or am I dense again?

        • I see your point, but I don’t think BB is in the wrong for wanting a fair review of their product. Sure people hate BB, but if this was really a mass trolling, don’t you think SG would have reported on that instead of BBs “whining”?

        • Don’t bother he clearly doesn’t get the point!
          @ Ps, you have no right passing judgment on a device or a product that you have never used. You are free to express your opinion after using and testing it for yourself.
          I have personally tested all the platform and BB10 is the best OS out there right now!

        • what makes you think I haven’t have used Blackberry. I have used all from from OS 5 to 10, over the last 6 years, over some 7 devices. Own one right now also. I have even tested the BB 10 client for android and ios (did you even know it existed???). Only if you have actually seen, it cost too much in license costs to run those clients.

          And frankly I like BB 10, but its a case of too little too late. And i am not hating on BB, I am only not a big fan of their whining. If you read rather than jump in, there is something like an opinion, rather than a point, and I dont have to agree with you – that makes neither of us dense. But go on ahead, abuse, it only proves that you are intolerant, and well possibly lacking in the very mental faculties that you claim I dont possess.

        • sorry mate. Cant help the state of your head. Am sure some university in the World is grateful for your lobotomized brain. Mighty charitable of you

  3. Dell should buy BlackBerry & install Windows CE on all of it,
    then shove it all in the same box as Dell Streak Tablets.

  4. BBM for andriod is great news in mobile world .
    BBM for andriod can also work on computer with help of bluestacks
    Bluestacks is tool by which any andriod app can run on computer .

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