Bizarre Muscle March game hits North America in 2010 [Video]

Chris Davies - Dec 4, 2009, 10:19am CST
Bizarre Muscle March game hits North America in 2010 [Video]

In possibly the best gaming news all year, Nintendo’s utterly bizarre Muscle March has finally been green-lighted for release in North America come 2010.  The WiiWare game – better known by its Japanese title “Muscle Koushinkyoko” – involves chasing bodybuilders as they run through walls, posing so as to fit neatly through the hole.  Better than the gameplay, however, are the trailer videos, which redefine the very notion of strange.

Video trailer after the cut

It’s all the work of Namco Bandai, and stars bikini-clad bodybuilders wearing hats and boxing gloves, various bears, pop-up animals and an American football player who steals what looks to be a huge jar of protein powder.  It’ll be distributed as a download through the WiiWare store.

We have to say, we do rather prefer the original Japanese trailer which manages to seem a little more frenetic.  No word on when Muscle March will arrive on WiiWare in North America; Nintendo are keeping the details close to their over-developed chest.

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