BioShock features copy protection that only allows you to install it twice

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 22, 2007, 3:04 pm CDT

If you downloaded the demo for BioShock and decided that you had to have this game, or just skipped the demo and bought it anyway you were probably a little shocked by the SecuROM copy protection that is enabled on the disc. Basically this only allows you to install the game twice.

That has caused quite an uproar in the gaming community, as many people tend to format their computers to clean up some of the clutter on a regular basis. Thankfully, someone from 2K has let us know that as long as you properly uninstall the game before you reformat, you won’t have an issues the next time go to install the game.

That really sounds like a fair way to do things, granted things happen like hard drive crashes that don’t give you a chance to uninstall a game, but at least you get 2 installs before you run into trouble. I wouldn’t mind seeing at least 3 though, just in case.

BioShock PC – You Only Install Twice (Updated)
[via kotaku]

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