Bikoff Carbon Fiber Bike Concept Features Built-In Briefcase

Commuting by bike is still a viable mode of transportation for some, especially those who just don't want to drive cars, or live in an area where there's already too many cars to get anywhere. But, riding a bike and carrying everything you need for the day isn't always easy, so that's why the carbon fiber Bikoff bike concept exists. Helping those who would like to carry a laptop and other things, without having to worry about a messenger bag sliding around all over the place.

The concept, designed by Marcus Madia, features an integrated carbon fiber briefcase, along with the rest of the carbon fiber frame. The briefcase isn't just a place to hold your things — it's also meant to add a rigid structure, making sure the bike just doesn't fold and become unusable.

The bike doesn't seem to feature the traditional chain, either — so at least you won't get your suit all messed up with oil and grease. Madia's Bikoff concept was a finalist in the recent Seoul Cycle Design competition, but as many of these concepts go, it's still just a concept. Hopefully a company out there is looking for a way to revolutionize the bike, because this would certainly take care of that.

[via Core 77]