Best Buy clears shelf space for white iPhone 4

The first time we saw Steve Jobs pull the iPhone 4 out of his pocket we were supposed to be able to get the smartphone in black or white colors just as we have for a while now with the iPhone 3GS. As it turned out the process used to paint the iPhone 4 white had some issues and we still don't have the smartphone in white (at least not officially) today.

The wait for the white version of the iPhone seem sot be very near its end. A photo of the shelf tag for Best Buy's white iPhone 4 has surfaced on Engadget. The tag shows the white 16GB iPhone 4 going for $599.99. That would be the no contract price.

The price is what the black no contract version sells for. Best Buy isn't the only seller of iPhone 4s that we have seen tags for white offerings turn up at either, Bell also has spots for the white device ready to go.