Belkin “Find Us A New Slogan” Contest Winner

James Allan Brady - Jul 31, 2007

The time has finally come for a winner to be announced. First lets list what they’ve won. The contents of this gracious prize pack from our wonderful sponsors at Belkin are as follows: a TuneBase™ FM Transmitter for Zune™ F8M026 and the TunePower® for Zune™ F8M027.

The first is obviously an FM transmitter for the Microsoft Zune, the second is an attachment that extends the battery life of the Zune by 6-12 hours.

Now for the winning tag line/slogan and thus the winner of the contest:

“Slashgear, Get Your Fix.” – which came from Monty

Congratulations, to the rest of you that entered, two things, first keep watching for more contests, second, sorry it took so long.

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