Barnes & Noble offering free Nook Simple Touch with Nook HD+ order

Barnes & Noble has a deal for those looking to get a new ereader. Those who buy a Nook HD+ device starting tomorrow until the end of the month (March 31) will get a Nook Simple Touch for free. This is the latest promotion from a company that has had pretty regular specials and deals, including some earlier this month.

While both Nooks are ereaders, they're vastly different from each other, with the Nook HD+ being a full tablet complete with access to apps and a 1080p display, while the Nook Simple Touch is your traditional ereader – e-ink display, small screen, and long battery life. The Nook HD+ costs $269 for the 16GB (cheapest) option, and increases to $299 for the 32GB model. The Nook Simple Touch, meanwhile, costs $79 new, but will be free with the tablet.

The Nook HD+ has a 9-inch display with full HD resolution, and boasts being lightweight at a little over 18-ounces. The device can be used to watch video, use apps and Nook Channels, all of it via a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. The Nook Simple Touch, on the other hand, has a 6-inch e-ink display and a battery life of 2 months per charge. The e-ink display is a touchscreen, and is designed to be readable in sunlight.

NOOK Media's President of Digital Products Jamie Iannone said, "By offering a free NOOK Simple Touch with the purchase of NOOK HD+, customers can fully experience all that the expansive NOOK Store of more than 3 million titles has to offer. NOOK HD+ ... is perfect for experiencing movies, apps, magazines and more, while NOOK Simple Touch is ideal for reading millions of books."

[via The Street]