Ballmer Admits Windows Phone Sales Have Disappointed

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has admitted that the sales of Windows Phone smartphones have been disappointing so far. I don't think anyone is surprised at that statement. Ballmer noted that he is happy with the reaction from partners and developers but the sales of the smartphones have been disappointing. Ballmer is saying that Microsoft is making progress in the smartphone realm and notes that it is working hard to continue the forward momentum.

According to Ballmer, Microsoft has been able to offer a "very strong third ecosystem" to offer Android and iPhone alternatives. Ballmer also cited the partnership with Nokia as being a big notch in the belt of Windows Phone. It's obvious that Microsoft is looking at Nokia to help get more Windows phone handsets onto the market. The first smartphone from the partnership should launch this year.

The problem I see is that Windows Phone isn't popular as an OS and Nokia has a history of making smartphones that most of the consumers shopping for a new device ignore. I don't see how the tie up between the third place OS on the market and a smartphone maker with no clear smartphone winners that is on the way down in market share will be able to produce something that consumers will flock to. What do you think, can the tie up really produce a winner or does boring + boring = more fail.

[via AllthingsD]