Back Off, Get Your Own Space!

The Sofa Guard teaches your pet to stay off of couches and furniture. Oh, and it also makes a sound that will annoy you and your friends. The device is a strip of plastic, around a foot wide and a few meters long, that is placed on a couch or any of your other precious furniture.

The product website claims, "Your pet will soon learn that upholstered furniture is out of bounds." They also put in a claim that i think my dog will ever accomplish. "Even in your absence, your pet will steer well clear."

Since the sound that is emitted is apparently annoying, it stops when your pet gets off of the Sofa Guard. The Sofa Guard is now selling in Britian for £18.95, and a 9V battery can be purchased for £3.59. The battery will work for 6 months in the unit. A 3-year "Pro-Idee guarantee" is also included.