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SlingBox Pro Reviews – HD Supported With External Dongle

SlingBox Pro was released last month and Ryan from Engadget is lucky enough to have it for review. The Pro SlingBox comes with HD support, but don’t jump over the moon yet, it doesn’t use HDMI and you will need a dongle that will cost you $50, which means you will need to throw out around $300 to get your SlingBox Pro to work in HD. While the dongle have a HDMI connector, it will NOT accept HDMI input. I agree with Ryan, I think it’s silly and might mislead consumers.

Slingbox PRO hands-on (plus AV and Tuner) [via engadget]

Hitachi Recalls 16000 Sony Made Batteries

Hitachi is joining the recall galore on their laptop batteries. Even though there are no incident of exploding Hitachi laptops yet, the company decided to recall over 16000 batteries on the Flora 210W and Flora SE210 laptops. Hitachi is doing this as precautions to avoid any incident that could cause serious injuries to the users of its laptop. It’s a good move by Hitachi considering how dangerous these time bombs could be. According to DailyTech, over 7.5 million Sony battery has been recalled and I do think more is to come.

The New Apple .Mac Webmail Ajaxified!

Apple will be launching the new .Mac webmail system soon. The new interface is looking much like what you’ve seen on OS X Mail application. Apple said the new webmail would have what they call Smart Refreshes, a function that will refresh only part of the page that needs updating; in another word, it’s AJAX!

“The new .Mac webmail is coming soon, and you’ll feel like you’ve seen it before. With its smart use of the latest web technology, it’ll remind you of the Mail application on your desktop, with a simple and elegant interface, drag-and-drop capability, built-in Address Book, and more.”

Apple .Mac Webmail [via apple]