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Xbox Marketplace gets a big upgrade

Xbox Magazine is reporting the December 2nd dashboard update for the Xbox 360 will include a new feature that will allow you to download original Xbox games. The report claims the first round of downloadable content will feature some impressive titles, including the original Halo.


Gibson’s Robotic guitar: “Danger, Eddie Van Halen!”

No, it won’t warn you of impending danger. But it will automatically tune itself to any one of six user defined tunings. Using an on-board computer, built in servos, and magnetic ‘pickup’ coils the user can set the tuning as well as the intonation.


RIM Not playing nice

Fresh off an out of court settlement with Samsung, because the name ‘Blackjack’ was too similar to ‘BlackBerry.’ RIM is at it again. This time it’s the unassuming, South Korean company, LG.


Razr2 Review: Razr now betr than evr

Motorola’s Razr2 was released earlier this fall without much of a bang. But it’s still one of the slickest flip phones on the market. I’ll be taking a look at the T-mobile version of the phone, and touching on its finer points.


Pantech C810/Duo review: Can’t put it down

It’s been a while since Pantech has released a smart phone. I was skeptical when I first laid eyes on the Pantech C810, also known as the Pantech Duo. But all of my doubts were soon washed away. I don’t know if this dual sliding, smart phone could have been executed any better.

The Pantech Duo is available through AT&T meaning it’s GSM. It operates on the 850, 900, 1800, 1900 frequencies, meaning the phone will suit all of your international traveling needs.


Volkswagen concept car dubbed Viseo

To bad these concepts rarely come to fruition. The VW Viseo is one of the coolest concepts to come out in while. This very sleek, sexy design comes from the mind of designer Marc Kirsch.


Mickey packs up his cell phone, and heads to Japan

Do you remember Disney Mobile? No? Well, It didn’t work so well here in the states, but Mickey’s looking to find His niche in Japan.

In early 2008 Disney will start releasing Mouse branded cell phones through Japanese provider Softbank. Sounds good in theory, but analysts are already killing their buzz by predicting low consumer interest.

Maybe they are years ahead of their time? Or maybe Disney should just rethink their whole cell phone scheme. Take a step back, and settle for providing content for the major companies.

Disney Cellular to land on Japanese shores [via electronista]

The big ‘M’ with a bold new Zune

With so much hype around the new Zune, all eyes seem to be on Microsoft. They had big changes to make over their previous model, and the MP3 player market is so cutthroat at the moment. Of course when I speak of cutthroat I’m referring to the swift knife in Steve Jobs hand known as the iPod.


Parrot Boombox review – Who knew Parrot could squawk this loud?

Parrot is taking a venture off the beaten trail with this little beauty. Can’t seem to find a spot for it on the dash of your car? Good, because it doesn’t go there. The Parrot “Boombox” is Parrot’s first entry into the vast and competitive world of in-home speaker stations. Let us all hope that this is only the beginning of Parrot’s fight into the home stereo market.

The Parrot Boombox is a Bluetooth based speaker system that will link to your Bluetooth 2.0 cell phone, MP3 player or even your laptop. It truly fills the room with all of those songs that were so longing to be freed from the mono speaker, low quality sound that a lot of devices deliver.


More fret pounding fun with Guitar Hero III

RedOctane was kind enough to send us the newest entry to their Guitar Hero franchise, Guitar Hero III. After many hours of co-op, boss battles and blisters, I can say that Guitar Hero III fills my music infused video game fix more than Dance Dance Revolution ever could.

Intel’s new Penryn line – faster and smaller

Intel’s new Penryn line – faster and smaller

Can you imagine a smaller, faster, more energy efficient processor than what is in our computers today? Well, Intel can, and they did. Today Intel unveiled its new Penryn lineup of super small, super fast chips.

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