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RoboSapien + Wiimote = Fun Times

Robert Oschler of has made the Nintendo Wii remote work with the RoboSapien robot that is made by WowWee. Oschler is the programmer behind the RoboSapien Dance Machine (AKA RoboDance) piece of software, which at the moment allows you to control the robot using your own voice.

Above is a video demonstrating some of the abilities of the software working with the RoboSapien. The programmer has noted that it will be released on or by February 1st 2007. The software works on Windows XP and had been awarded by SourceForge in May of 2005.

Recently many mods have been made with the Wii controller including the ability to play Half-Life on a Mac with the controller (a double mod, because you also need another mod to run Half-Life on Mac), and talks of a ‘Wiibrator’.

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Helium Digital HDBT-700 and HDBT-750 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – Helium Digital, a Canadian company specializing in trend forward accessories for digital devices, has announced the launch of their new HDBT-700 and HDBT-750 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. The HDBT-700 is a stand alone Bluetooth headset designed to be used specifically with Bluetooth enabled devices, while the HDBT-750 features the same Stereo Headset of the HDBT-700, but adds a Bluetooth stereo transmitter, allowing the headset to be used with any device with a 3.5mm audio input jack.


Sansa e280 is World’s Largest Capacity Flash Memory MP3 Player

Sansa e280 is World’s Largest Capacity Flash Memory MP3 Player

SanDisk® Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK) today unveiled the world's largest capacity flash-based MP3 player, the 8-gigabyte (GB) 1 Sansa e280 that boasts award-winning audio, photo viewing and video clip playback capabilities. Priced at $249.99 (MSRP), the e280 is the latest evolution of SanDisk's flagship e200 series. The 8GB device sports a microSD expansion slot allowing expansion to 10GB of music—or 2,500 songs—with an optional SanDisk 2GB microSD card, making it the largest capacity  flash-based MP3 player on the market.

In conjunction with the rollout of the e280 and in preparation for the holiday season, SanDisk has lowered its prices on the entire Sansa e200 line of products, including the existing 2, 4 and 6GB models.

Current pricing on the Sansa e200 product line includes a 2GB flash-based player for under $140 MSRP.

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TomTom announced The One Navigation System in North America

TomTom announced The One Navigation System in North America

Those who live In USA and Canada will be able to purchase TomTom One later this month. TomTom One is a user-friendly navigation system that does not require user to install or download anything, just unpack it and you are good to go. The shipping unit for the North America releases will comes with the most up-to-date maps for US and Canada. TomTom one will cost $499 MSRP.

via [gadgetell]

Pantech Launches Its First Branded Handset in Canada via TELUS

SEOUL/TORONTO – August 16, 2006: Pantech Group, the number two mobile phone company in South Korea, and TELUS, Canada’s second largest CDMA service operator, today announced the Canadian launch of the Pantech PN-3200. The launch, in partnership with TELUS, marks the first time that Pantech has provided handsets under its own brand in Canada.

Targeted at young trend setters, the slim, modern PN-3200 handset combines a sophisticated design with practical and wide ranging functionality, including Bluetooth applications.


The Groovy Banana Rocking Couch

What a sweet design – mashing up a rocking chair, bookcase and couch. The odd looking Groovy Banana seems comfortable and yet very practical. The shape allows for smooth rocking while you enjoy your favorite book, and when you’re done reading simply stick it into the built-in space at the bottom. There’s enough room to store a light blanket in case it’s chilly. This convenient design should eliminate the need for a bookcase or having a stack of books around.

UMAMY Design Group [via BornRich]

BenQ Siemens S68 Luxurious and Slim

Mobile telephony has never been simpler. Navigating through the clearly designed telephone menu is easy even without the operating instructions. Now, instead of laboriously typing in a text message, a short voice message can simply be dictated and sent via MMS. The large display puts more than 260,000 brilliant colors on to the mobile’s screen and enables it to be read clearly, even in bright sunlight. With its Dual Speaker System, a hands free function and 64-tone ringtones, the BenQ-Siemens S68 also meets the most discerning acoustic requirements.

An integrated organizer makes this stylish triband mobile an indispensable companion. Current appointments and contact data can be transferred directly via the attractive SyncStation DSC-100 or via Bluetooth from the PC to the mobile. Bluetooth also makes irritating cables on accessories a thing of the past. For example, the new fashionably slender Bluetooth HHB-100 headset ensures optimum comfort when making calls.


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