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Market forces Dell to use AMD Processors

Dell is finally using AMD’s processors in a small segment of their offering. While it is true that the number of units shipped will be small the processors will be used in two of the most profitable segments: servers and high end gaming (via Alienware). Before this, Dell made a point of using a single provider for all their processors. It is fair to think that Intel was giving good discounts to Dell, but using a single provider can also have tremendous operational benefits because it simplifies the qualifications and testing process. What has fundamentally changed is that AMD is now a technology leader that simply produces processors with a very good value that even Dell can’t ignore.

Strobe-Light Safety Vest

This vest from Bright Night USA feature a built-in strobing lamp that is completely flexible. Security has a price, and in this instance it ranges from $150 to $190.

BenQ-Siemens Q-fi EF71

The BenQ-Siemens Q-fi EF71 is one of the first mobile phones within BenQ-Siemens´ Q-fi range of music-focused devices. Q-fi products feature easy-to-use music entertainment with easy access to music functions and a plug and play, all-in-one solution for mobile music lovers.

Accordingly; the Q-fi EF71 is a fully-featured music phone with exceptionally stylish looks. With its timelessly beautiful, slim shape and high-quality aluminium surface, the clamshell phone does not compromise on design. For easy access to music functions, dedicated music keys are integrated seamlessly into the surface while enhancing the elegant appearance of the device.

Thanks to its sophisticated design, the Q-fi EF71 has won the prestigious iF-award in 2006. The music player of the Q-fi EF71 supports all current formats like MP3, AAC and WMA. Exchangeable Micro-SD cards provide ample storage space for extended listening pleasure. It is further enhanced by a 10-band equalizer that lets you customize your music which is played on innovative 3D surround speakers, allowing users to share music with friends while on the go in fine quality.

Motorola announces red SLVR for AIDS benefit

Motorola today unveils, with the unanimous support of the UK Mobile Industry, (MOTO)RED – the first in a brand new portfolio of mobile handsets created to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

Launched by co-founders Bono and Bobby Shriver at the World Economic Forum last January, (PRODUCT) RED is designed to deliver a sustainable flow of private sector money to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

In an unprecedented demonstration of support, mobile operators and retailers from across the UK (BT Mobile, Carphone Warehouse, Fresh, O2, Orange, Tesco Mobile, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone) have all united behind this initiative.

Nokia E50

Nokia have announced the latest addition to the Nokia Eseries family of business devices, the Nokia E50. With excellent voice, email and data capabilities, the Nokia E50 offers enterprises a cost-efficient way to extend mobility to a broader range of employees, enabling them to access company telephony and business applications whenever required.

With classic Nokia design, the small, sleek, and stylish Nokia E50 is also designed for people who want a single phone for both business and leisure use. For example, the device comes equipped with pre-installed business applications, exceptional voice and calling functionality, and the ability to have two phone numbers in one phone, while lifestyle features include an MP3 player and optionally a 1.3 mega pixel camera all packaged in a discreet glossy metallic case with a touch of colour.

Sony Ericsson Z550

Sony Ericsson has announced the Z550 mobile phone. Finished in a combination of premium brushed metal and high gloss material, the Z550 is a classy partner for work and leisure with universal appeal.

The 1.3 Megapixel camera has 4x digital zoom and takes great snap shots and video for capturing those unpredictable moments. These can be viewed on a crisp, bright colour display. With 20MB of onboard memory expandable to 1GB, it’s simple to store and share a large collection of pictures using MMS, Bluetooth or e-mail.

Sony Ericsson M600

Sony Ericsson has announced the M608c phone and messaging device mainly for the China market. This is a fully-specified mobile phone and email tool in an extremely stylish, slim device featuring a touch screen and Chinese character handwriting recognition.

With a stylish, handy design M608c is a great combination of mobile phone and PDA based on new Symbian OS 9.1 and UIQ 3.0andoffers users great customisation opportunities as well as the ability to buy personal productivity and other applications from the Sony Ericsson Application shop. New push email applications, remote synchronisation and expandable memory give owners a phone and email connectivity in a device that easily fits in their pocket – at just 15mm thick, it is one of the slimmest devices of its kind available. The M608c is a 2.5G version of Sony Ericsson’s recently announced global products, the M600 UMTS handset.

Sony Ericsson Z710

Sony Ericsson today announced the Z710, an EDGE-capable clamshell with a camera that will appeal to the hard working person looking for a phone to fit an intensive business and private life. This handset includes a suite of advanced business and multimedia features in a sophisticated and stylish design.

Business-friendly features include push e-mail support and RSS feeds for news updates and traffic reports direct to your phone. PC tools include synchronisation of your phone book and calendar as well as USB 2.0 support. A 64MB Memory Stick Micro (M2) is supplied that is expandable to 1GB and can be used to store and transfer any type of multimedia content, including text, graphics, video, stills and audio files.

The Z710 also features the Access NetFront full HTML browser. It makes web access on the move as simple as on a PC and EDGE speed means pages download rapidly. It also has the latest Bluetooth 2.0 with HDR (high data rate) for fast data transfer with other Bluetooth devices, providing robust, quality connections for accessories such as wireless headsets and handsfree car kits. The Z710 also supports Bluetooth streaming in stereo (A2DP) so you can enjoy the full stereo power of the phone’s media player completely wire-free.

The 2 Megapixel camera captures sharp, crisp stills and video and these are easily shared using MMS, Bluetooth, stored on the Memory Stick or transferred quickly to your PC via USB.

Sony Ericsson W710

Sony Ericsson introduces the W710 Walkman phone, which includes a motion sensor plus new fitness applications that measure your running speed, distance and time, or simply count your steps when walking.

Sporty good looks, a high performance Walkman player and easy-to-use interface all combine to make the W710 the perfect sporting partner, whether you’re running for fun or keeping a check on how much you walk each day.

Available in Performance Graphite and Hatha Violet the phone also features a 2 Megapixel camera with digital zoom and comes supplied with 512MB Memory Stick Micro (M2) – enough to keep you going through the longest walk or fitness session, although this can be expanded to 1GB if you’re left wanting more.

Fitness applications included as standard help you take your Walkman phone into new territory. The jogging application can be accessed easily from both the sub display and main display to measure both speed and distance covered while out running. There’s also a daily step counter that resets automatically at midnight and your progress is displayed even when the phone is on standby.

Sony Ericsson W850

Sony Ericsson’s successful Walkman phone range takes another step forward with the announcement of the UMTS enabled W850. This is Sony Ericsson’s first GSM/UMTS ‘slider’,

The W850 has been uniquely combined with a full horizontal mode camera experience and the latest Walkman player 2.0 for easy music download.

Available in Precious Black or Golden White, the phone has an attention grabbing ‘heartbeat illumination’ feature to light-up the control keys in rhythm with your music. Visually stunning and appealing to use, this phone isn’t just about good looks – it also offers blisteringly fast music downloads direct to the handset.

The phone is configured for operator over the air (OTA) music download services and accepts many popular music file formats including e-AAC+, which reduces download time and space needed for tracks. Memory isn’t an issue either with a 1GB memory stick PRO Duo supplied which is enough for around 1,000 songs in e-AAC+. This can be expanded to 4GB so that you can store a much larger music collection and have it with you all of the time.

The Walkman player 2.0 simplifies navigation through music genres, playlists, individual songs or music albums and there’s also a TrackID feature powered by Gracenote Mobile MusicID. This is a new service which means you can record a few seconds of a song, either via the microphone or the in built FM radio, and then with one click send that clip to the Gracenote worldwide music database which will identify the track and relay the information back to the phone.

$9 MP3 Player

Evergreen makes a screenless mp3 player for $9. USB2.0 and 1 gig SD card support are both included. Now, everyone can have cheap MP3 players.

The MacBook Has Arrived

The Macbook is recently launched and it comes in black. The specifications are not bad at all, and at similar configuration (1GB RAM, 100GB HDD, faster CPU), the MacBook actually costs less than a Sony Vaio SZ, the ultimate 13.3” reference on the PC side.

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