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Dragon Quest IX coming in DS version

For the hardcore RPG fans, we know that one of the oldest RPGs is Dragon Quest. As I recall, it is even older than the super hit RPG game series like Final Fantasy. Accord to the news, Dragon Quest IX will be released before the end of 2007 in the Nintendo DS platform.

It is a bit surprise that Square-Enix, the developer of Dragon Quest series, decided to jump from the PlayStation 2 to Nintendo DS. But, this could add something new to spice up the series. Nintendo DS allows the game to feature 4-player co-op play, and it’s also portable. Too bad for PS 3 folks, isn’t it?

Dragon Quest IX Coming To Nintendo DS [via kotaku]

VIAMICHELIN Navigation X-930 Portable GPS System

This must be a joke from someone. When the GPS system first came out I remember hearing the story of a couple driving back from the party and fall asleep before they found that their new GPS guided them to the cliff because the bridge that was supposed to be there, according to the map, hadn’t been built yet.

Regardless how “true” the story is, we know that now the world has reliable GPS system to help you save time finding the quickest direction to drive. With GPS system, you shall never get lost again. And if you are looking for the new navigation system for your vehicles, ViaMichelin’s X-930 is the one for you.


Guitar Hero 2 Tournament at GameStop

Wow Wow Wow! Check this out guys (and gals, maybe?)!! GameStop is holding the tournament for one of the coolest games at this moment, the Guitar Hero 2. When? It will be on February 3, 2007 at selected GameStop stores. So, let’s practice and get your gear ready!!

There is not much information available at this tournament, but Gibson is listed as one of the sponsors. Though I don’t know what the prizes would be, there is a possibility that a REAL guitar will be included. Let’s cross our fingers.


RIAA Pettitions Judges to Lower Artist Royalties: Musicians deserve less?

If you ever make music, one thing that you want to make sure is that your works get paid the royalty fee when someone uses it. RIAA has been a reliable organization that helps musicians receives what they deserve. At least, until the growth of the Internet file sharing and music piracy that was blamed for rapidly declining album sales around the year 2000.

When iTune Music Store came along, things had been changed since buying the online music become conveniently available. And, the RIAA had done their job to protect musicians’ right. However, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the RIAA is currently petitioning the panel of federal government Copyright Royalty Judges to “to lower the rates paid to publishers and songwriters for use of lyrics and melodies in applications like cell phone ring tones and other digital recordings.”


VAFOR CUF271: Flashing Santa for Christmas

Christmas is coming! If you haven’t finished shopping, it might be a good idea to get your head up. This time, Santa goes digital!! VAFOR Tech came up with a cute USB flash drive, the CUF271. It is a tiny cute Santa that delivers data to your computer.

The CUF271 is a USB flash drive that works with both MACs and PCs. It operates with Windows98/Me/200/XP, Linux 2.4.x, and Mac OS 9.1/Mac OS X. An LED indicator flashes like Rudolph at a Christmas party while the drive reading and writing data.


Cute Little Teddy Music Box

Sometimes, I wonder why Japanese always come up with cute and high-tech things. And ladies, I know that you’d love this cute little one too. Megahouse Japan has introduced the Teddy Music box, a toy that has five little bears playing music by hitting on iron kotos with both their arms.

The Teddy Music Box has 30 preloaded tunes, and the bear on the corner can light up to 7 colors while performing. Powered by 3 x AA batteries, the music box also comes with an audio guidance system to teach you all of its functions. Cool, isn’t it? 


New Cases for iPod: iClear and Disko from Griffin

When you spend money on gizmos, one thing that you might have in mind is how to keep it look new and shiny. Protecting them from scratches and nicks could be somewhat hassle especially with your iPod. So, what can you do? You can dress them up with a good looking protector. In that case, you have a cool looking iPod with protection at the same time.

Griffin has introduced iClear and Disko that’s supposed to be your hippest iPod protection. The iClear provides a total protection for your iPod yet allowing easy access to the iPod’s control wheel, audio jack, on switch, USB port, and LED. It is “a tough, polycarbonate two-piece shell that is strong enough to take the daily abuse of active lifestyle.”


Stop your smoke addition with Nicostopper

I remember when my brother tried to tell pop quit smoking. He came up with all possible ways and methods to help our smoker pop hoping that quiting will keep him stay healthy. Believe me! I know how hard it is. The smoke addition is not easy to control. But thanks to the Nicostopper from Fagor, now there is something to help you limit your addition.

Nicostopper is produced by Fagor, the ordinarily kitchen specialist. A device controls your access to cigarettes by using a media player. It holds up to 10 cigarettes and releases them only on schedule allowing you to limit your smoking habit entirely. You can also set some preferences after the cigarettes have been loaded.


PS One Games Now Available for the PSP

Playing games on PlayStation is so much fun that sometimes it can’t help to think of the good-old-day since the PS One first came out. Now Sony makes it possible to recall those long lose memories again by letting you download a fresh batch of PS One games via the PS3’s online store and play them on your PSP.

However, you need PSP that has at least firmware revision 3.01 to play the game. The title including Crash Bandicoot, Tekken2, and Syphon Filter can be purchased for $5.99. All you need is your PSP and USB cable.

PSOne games now available for the PSP, via the PS3 [via gamepro]

Samsung SGH-i718: Chinese Smartphone

If you love the idea of having your phone capable of take care of everything for you besides just making a phone call, you would love this new babe from Samsung. At the ITU Telecom World expo holding in Hong Kong, Samsung introduced the SGH-i718.

This new phone is equipped with Windows Mobile 5.0 PPC Phone Edition, 2.0 megapixel camera with auto focus. The phone can play most video and audio formats and has micro SD slop available. The phone also features business card reader, digital power amp, MS Office View and Edit, handfree speaker handwriting and Chinese voice recognition, Bluetooth, VibTonz, and real voice dictionary.

Too bad that we have to wait since Samsung has not planned to release the phone outside of China, but it wouldn’t be too long until the i718 makes its way to the U.S. Now, we just have to wait.

Samsung SGH-i718

Samsung preps i718 Windows Mobile smartphone [via electronista, samsungitu2006]

Gorillapod: a brilliant travel camera tripod

Smile!! If you love to take photos, you know that sometimes the great picture is hard to capture. Finding a right spot to shoot is not always easy, but thanks to the Gorillapod, now you can shoot from anywhere from any terrain you want.

The Gorillapod is a tripod with three flexible legs that can rotate 360 degrees. It can grip on to just about anything. Whether you are shooting with a small digital camera, an SLR, or a video camera, the Gorilapod is there for you.

Price: £19.95 ($24.20)



Gorillapod [via]


Cyber Snipa Dog Tags for Geeks

If you love to have a pocket size of tools that are needed for emergency repairs in the field but still stay in touch with technology, this Cyber Snipa Dog Tags might be the answer for you. Cyber Snipa Dog Tags is a combination of Swiss Army-asque and USB flash memory. It is so small that you can carry it wherever you are.

The tool includes stainless steel screw driver, pliers, can opener, super bright LED flashlight, and removable 512MB flash drive.

Price: $59

Geeks: Cyber Snipa Dog Tags [via]

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