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Companies to demo NFC at 3GSM

3GSM will be the setting of the latest large-scale demonstration of Near Field Communication Technology (NFC) — the easy-to-use short range wireless technology. Royal Philips Electronics and Telefonica Moviles Espana, the largest Spanish mobile operator, will demonstrate the simplicity of NFC technology by providing 200 selected attendees of the 3GSM World Congress with NFC-enabled Samsung SGH-X700 mobile phones to be used in a variety of applications throughout the conference and exhibition area. With the NFC-enabled Samsung SGH-X700 mobile phones, the 200 participants can conduct various transactions throughout the Congress, including secure payment and exhibition and conference access, simply with the swipe of their mobile phones. Other applications and services that are part of the demonstration include on-site registration, information exchange with the lead retrieval system, an electronic business card with the user’s personal registration dated stored on the phone and the opportunity to win prizes.

Bosendorfer Loudspeakers

As the music get louder the speakers get bigger or compactor? The company known for making pianos has also gotten in to the business of high end loudspeakers. Bösendorfer has been making pianos for a centaury, but has just stepped in to the rush hour of speaker business. Having spent four years in the market, this company has come up with speakers that work on the sonic resonance. The VC 7 and AC 7 come with a choice of finish. The lacquered or the hardwood finishes are both equally good.  The sound of the speaker is strikingly similar to the real sound. Even a person with a golden ear can’t make out the difference.

Nano’s new shield

The Nano form iPod it seems are coming with a new design. Although with out an official word, the latest pieces in the market have a new curves to it. There seems to be a raised edge or can be called as a lip design on the new nanos. The same has been confirmed by the Apple Genius Bar staff. Many reasons can be attributed to this change, but the most dominant seem to be making it scratch proof. The nano has been known to get scratches all over it. But this curve minimizes contact with surface and thus prevents those ugly lines running all over it.

Nextel makes an A/V Data Scanner for NASCAR

The NASCAR may get more interesting with this little wonder from Nextel. The gadget ensures that you don’t miss any NASCAR action. The audio video data scanner works over a 2.5 GHz wireless spectrum. Its features range from race telecast to radio shows and commentary. The gizmo provides direct feeds from the pit and the driver. The official timings and the scores are updated regularly as the race progresses. This product has been branded as FanView, but it has not been put up for sale. The samples will be rented out on the race days. At $50 for a day or $70 for the week end fans wont mind having the race on their palms.

Low Cost Flat Screen Television

It’s the king of bargains here, and seriously all you people out here who dream of watching the soccer world cup this year on a bigger flatter screen by paying smaller flatter price make a run for it. ByDsign is releasing a 50-inch flat panel plasma display, which has 1,000:1 contrast ratio,1366×768 resolution, stereo speakers with SRS, 1,000cd/m2 brightness, and two HDMI ports and not to forget the integrated “DCDi” microchip, which enhances image quality by reducing those rotten jaggy edges. What more can anyone ask for a price of $2,948.

The Magellan eXplorist Bundle

Interested in trekking! Finding ways was never simpler before as it is now with Magellan eXplorist GPS receiver coming into the market. Programmed with the capacity of 22 maps being able to be stored in its internal memory, the Magellan eXplorist Bundle is a dream product for the trekkers. The eXplorist 210 Outdoor Bundle is even a step ahead and thereby, becomes a must have for the trekkers. Apart from the receiver the customer also gets a MapSend Topo 3D USA software, a cigarette lighter adapter, USB cable and clip case. To be launched in April, the bundle will give you seamless map of detailed topography, street maps and searchable points of interest and all this is available to you in just $229.

Desktop Remote Control

Many people do get bugged by having to find the remote controls of the most essential appliances that they have from a T.V to an Air Conditioner to a DVD/CD apart from many other things also. The problem is all about having a different remote control for every appliance. But again man doesn’t sit tight and do nothing. So, even this time around he has come up with a very detailed and useful solution. It’s an all in one desktop control from where one can control his T.V., air conditioner, DVD/CD and amplifier. It is equipped with around 65 single functional buttons. The volume is increased with a jog dial. Now, you no more need to rummage your room every time you look for the different remote controls. They all are in one place, intact and compact.

Chilled Beer: Served From a PC

What about a very novel way of pouring beer to your guests at the next get-together. Have you ever thought of a PC that could do so? Here is a dispenser of a very new kind that would totally blow your mind apart with the thoughts of ingenuity. Simply, it’s a PC case with a beer tap, which makes it a right mix of audacity and originality. Now, you can definitely have the pleasure of guzzling your favourite beer while watching your favourite movie.

Samsung AnyCall SMU-D110 DMB PMP

Information has surfaced on Samsung’s unannounced SMU-D110 portable media player and S-DMB satellite TV receiver – the first non-cellular product offered under Anycall brand. The SMU-D110 is a pocket size DMB Receiver with embedded MP3 player and Bluetooth. The 70×80×19 mm DMB, that also functions as a Personal Media Player, weighs 110 grams and sports a 92 MB of internal expandable memory. You can even utilize the player with 2.4″ 256k TFT LCD colour screen as a photo frame. It seems that Samsung is keen on adding DMB to just every new phone it sells in Korea.

NEC jumps into MP3 game

Adding to the recent launch of some laptops and cell phones, NEC now wants a big slice of the MP3 pie as well. The company recently expressed its interest in jumping into the portable audio player market. It seems that the company has been planning this move for some time already, as the first MP3 player from NEC is set to hit the market some time this month. It is said that NEC’s first venture into the MP3 game will also include the ability to play and record videos, so it’ll be unlikely that you find a 512MB player. Perhaps NEC has its eyes set on tackling the 30 or 60GB iPod Video.

SanDisk Shifts One Million MP3 Players

Ever seen a company boasting about its being number two in the market? But if you are up against Apple and have left no stone unturned, being number two might be worth shouting. Sandisk sold around a million audio players in the last quarter which might seem too little against Apple’s 14 million making a turnover of around $2.3 billion. But they shouldn’t rest on those self given accolades for long as no. 3 and 4 are not far away including Rio which once ranked No. 1.

RX Bot on the run

Korea has built its first robot which is capable of running, is two foot tall and network controlled RX. The bot is capable of running at a pace of about .3 miles per hour; not exactly an athletic type and is certainly no match for ASIMO’s brisk 1.8 miles per hour. Robotis, the company behind the development of bot, spent approx. $1 million in collaboration with Samsung and the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication. As Korea plans for an army of network-controlled bots, we won’t mind RX being a bit slow as long as we can outrun him, and as also he stands only two feet in height, we can feel a lot better for the future.

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